SunTrust Bank Routing Number & Locations Near Me

Hey SunTrust Bank customer we have shared you SunTrust Bank Routing Number for making your transaction easy online and we have also provided you SunTrust Bank Locations Near Me so that you can easily get the locations of the banks that lie near to you. If you are doing an online transaction and you have stuck at the last page of the transaction just because if the routing number then don’t worry use the list given below for getting your RTN for the better transactions.

If still you are not satisfied with this or you want to visit the nearest branch of the SunTrust bank then use the map given below and take the right directions from that map and reach to your close by branch so that your problem can be solved. Read the article below carefully to get your R.T. number and to get the map for the nearest location and we have told you that how you can get your routing number through the check that you are using for your personal or business transaction use.

SunTrust Bank Routing Number

Do you know that how much this 9 digit routing number is helpful in completing your online transactions?  Then let me know, without this Routing number you can’t do your transaction online because this 9 digit code is compulsory to put at the last of the transaction. This number was firstly developed by the American Bankers Association or ABA. The reason for developing this routing number was to know the bank that is honoring the payment means the bank from which the payment is drawing. But these routing numbers were first designed to make the check easier to clear but nowadays these routing numbers are also using for the online transactions.

As per the ABA routing number is very useful for the transaction because this helps the banks to identify that from which bank the account has opened or which branch’s bank account is this from here the transaction is happening. This routing number can be easily identified from the check of the SunTrust bank.

The number that is starting from the left side of the check i.e. 061000XXX is the routing number. You can also see your check to identify your branch’s routing number to complete your check clearance or any online transaction.

RTN (Routing Number) Regions Branch
61000104 Orlando, FL Suntrust
51000020 Orlando, FL Suntrust
53100465 Orlando, FL Suntrust
55002707 Orlando, FL Suntrust Bank
61100790 Orlando, FL Suntrust Bank, Northwest Ga
63102152 Orlando, FL Suntrust
63106750 Orlando, FL Suntrust Bank/ Skylight
64000046 Orlando, FL Suntrust
84006952 Orlando, FL Suntrust Bank

The Universal Routing number of the SunTrust Bank is 061000104. You can also put this number while doing a transaction.

SunTrust Bank Locations Near Me

Hey, SunTrust bank user of you are trying to reach to the nearest branch of this bank then this map will make your work very easy because you don’t have to search more about this. This map is really designed very nicely because here we have inbuilt it in the way where you just have to enable your GPS to just now the all nearby locations of the branch where you want to reach.

This map will show you the all nearby branches of the SunTrust Bank that lies in the nearby area from where you’re searching for the branch of the bank. after opening of your GPS, this map will show you different places and then you can tap on the place that you think would be nearest to you and then this will show you the right direction for that branch and then after reaching there you can easily take benefits of the banking services that they are providing to their customers.

SunTrust Bank Locator

This locator is quite different from the map that we have provided here because this locator will show you the exact area branches understand with an example: In this locator, you have to enter the exact address to know that areas branches. If you are living in California and want to know the branches nearby to that area.

We have here shared you the routing number of the SunTrust bank and also the map for the nearest location of the bank. If you want to give any suggestion regarding the same then fell free to contact us through this comment box. We will reply within 2 working days.

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