PNC Bank Routing/Transit Number & Locations Near Me

Hey There! Today we have shared you the PNC Bank Routing Number for your online transactions and PNC Bank Locations Near Me for nearest location of PNC Bank. In this article, we have provided you the list of the routing numbers for the different branches of the Pnc bank. if you want to visit a nearest branch of this bank then take the help of the map that we have provided here below.

Do you know that there is more than 50% of the people do online banking in the United States. I know you are one of them. If you have stuck at any online transaction just because of the routing number of your branch then don’t worry use this list provided below and find the branch where you have opened your account with Pnc bank and copy that routing number and use it for the smooth transitioning of the money. This Routing number was first developed by the ABA (Americans Banker Association) in the year 1910 because at that time there was a lot of problems were coming in the clearing of the checks because it has become difficult for the banks to identify the branch where initially the account was opened. Then these 9 digits routing numbers have solved the problem of clearing of the checks thereafter. We will provide you all other information regarding the PNC Bank Routing Number just read the article carefully.

PNC Bank Routing Number

In the list, you will get routing number for the different branches of the Pnc Bank. You can easily find your routing number by just pressing the search option. Just press the Ctrl+f and enter your state/branch and get your routing number for the same.

Every bank has their own routing number and every routing number is different from the other. As per the ABA, one bank can have not more than 5 RTNs but now banks have more than 5 RTNs because now banks are emerging with each other which makes the more routing number for the same bank.

Region Routing Number
Delaware 31100089
Florida 043002900, 267084199
Greater Washington Area 54000030
Illinois 71921891
Indiana 083009060, 083000108, 071921891
Kentucky 83000108
Kentucky – Northern 42100188
New Jersey 31207607
Michigan 41000124
Missouri 71921891
Ohio 042000398, 041000124
Ohio – Youngstown 43000096
Pennsylvania – Central, North 43000096
Pennsylvania – Central, South 31312738
Pennsylvania – Northeast 31300012
Pennsylvania – Northwest 43300738
Pennsylvania – Philadelphia 31000053
Pennsylvania – Pittsburgh 43000096
Wisconsin 71921891


This list here seen above is provided state wise. You just have to search for the state where you have opened your bank account and then use this routing number for your transactions. There is another way to find out the PNC Bank Routing Number of your bank. In the below image you will get to know that how to find your routing number through your check.

In this check, the red part bold part that you are seeing is routing number. This routing number is the 9 digit code that you can easily see in your bank’s check that you have issued from the PNC bank. If you want to visit the nearest branch of the PNC bank then see the below map for this and make the best use of this map.

PNC Bank Locations Near Me

If you want to take any other services from the PNC bank or want to visit any nearest branch of the Pnc bank then you can use this map for getting all the nearest locations to your for the bank. This map is built with the online software where you just have to enable the GPS of your device and then it will automatically show you the PNC Locations Near Me. After seeing to the location you can then tap to the location which you think would be nearest for you and then you will get the right directions for that branch.


PNC Bank Locator

This locator is quite different from the map that we have provided above as this map will show you the branches that are nearby to you whereas this locator will show you the locations of the branch for the exact area and address.

Click on this image and then you will redirect to the official website of the Pnc bank where you have to enter the City, ZIP, State etc to find the bank’s branches.

Here we have provided you all the relevant details regarding the PNC Bank Routing Number and Pnc Bank Locations Near Me. If you have issues regarding the provided article then you can easily contact us through the contact us provided below. We will respond you within 2 working days.

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